Fall 2011,Paris Fashion week

“Andrea Crews is a collective led by Maroussia Rebecq who performs between art and fashion by federating stylists, illustrators, musicians, video directors and performers. Combining several aspects of contemporary creation, we present and stage our collections as performances, happenings and videos. In opposition to the dominant uniformity, Andrea Crews emphasizes personal creativity, experimentation and independence.”

“Andrea Crews creates clothes and accessories, unique and flexible. Our process is based on a game with clothing codes. A first experimental phase consists in reinterpreting of second-hand clothes, classics of other brands, by getting back stocks and by cutting in the falls. Every piece is individually handled, according to its initial function and its potential. Prototypes are then selected according to a theme to create every season a simple and unusual collection. Andrea Crews also prints basics in association with his associated artists (sweat-shirts / tshirts) which are edited in limited series : screenprintings, drawings, flockings in hallucinating colors and materials…”

Here some pictures from the fall winter 2011-12 collection:

Press release & images courtesy of Station service.

Take a look!!!

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