Having a glance at the emerging eastern fashion scenery, the first name I noticed is Dejan Despotovic, a 24 years old designer based in Belgrade. His first individual collection it has been presented in Berlin and Belgrade in 2006. One year later, he showed his talent by winning the Black and White competition at the opening of Belgrade Fashion Week.Around his garments hover a dark atmosphere, where the light seems to touch the skin through veiled fabrics. The strong cuts and the overlapped tissues are the leitmotiv of his last collection. He is actually considered one of the most interesting avant garde designer in Serbia.

Let’s talk with him.

Since you’re a very young designer, what do you think about the  contemporary fashion scene?

Oh i think that contemporary or alternative fashion scene is very good and very promising. There is a lot of designers that are doing very good and very alternative pieces, which are very wearable and also very strange and beautiful! I think think that people should look at these designers and start promoting  and wearing this kind of clothes because their life will be much more nicer because clothes is what makes you feel good in life….

It seems to be very hard to think of something original and  innovative in a such crowded scenery: which are the sources of your inspiration?

My source of inspiration is music and only music. With music in the dark of my room with only one light upon a paper, I can really see those models in clothes moving in front of me….that’s quite cool!!

It’s not easy for a designer to make his way in the market, overall during these crisis. How do you face difficulties?

Well I just opened my first store in Belgrade because we (young designers) got possibility to open DESIGN DISTRICT in Belgrade and now I have a lot of things and jobs to do to make this store work! A lot of work, a lot of persistence, and too much time of thinking HOW!!! It’s difficult but when you do something that u like its never enough work to reach your goals!

What kind of research comes before your concrete work?

Well….First I’m listening a lot of music, and I’m trying to find some way to start doing sketches.Will that be punk, rock, romanticism, elegance……..i don’t know….where music takes me…than I’m trying to find fabrics, and then with fabrics I’m finishing collection, with details, accessorise, styling….

What kind of fabric do you like to use?

I like tuff fabrics and lot of combination of transparent and non transparent fabrics. Don’t like silk, but sometimes I like to make something using silk, but it has to have some tuff fabric in combination …

Can you describe your concept of style?

dark, wearable, romantic, strong, contemporary vision of vampire and his bride!

Do you prefer working on women or on men collections?

Both, but with time i start to love men clothes very much!

Where your collection is available? Do you have a personal boutique?

Yes I have my personal boutique. Its based in Belgrade in CHOOMICH DESIGN DISTRICK in Cumicevo sokace street.

What about music?

Oh very inoperative thing. Antony and the Johnson’s, these new puritans, wim mertens, max richter…a lot of types and a lot of different energy!

What are your plans for the future? Which are your dreams?

My dream is Paris of course!But for now I would like to start presenting my work somewhere out of Serbia, for example, Milan, New York, Berlin London…I use to present a lot of things in abroad, but now I think its time to do it seriously.!!!

Here some pictures from his last winter collection 2011/12 presented at the Croatian fashion week.

Take a look!!

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