Fall/Winter 2011-12

One of the most innovative designer of the Berlin Fashion week is Vladimir Karaleev here some information about him:

” Vladimir Karaleev (*1981) was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. He moved to Berlin at the age of 19 to study fashion at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW). In 2005 he founded his own fashion label and launched his conceptual debut collection “CUT 210”.Contemporary art has a strong influence on. Vladimir Karaleev. New shapes and experimental cuts form the center of the creations of the bulgarian designer Vladimir Karaleev, who creates extraordinary womens- and menswear. The creative handling of materials works in combination with the conceptual design. Karaleev goes against the traditional shapes and cuts and creates instead innovative silhouettes, that are strongly influenced by geometric structures. His close bond with the art scene is not only expressed through his conceptual approach but also through the presentation of his fashion. Since 2010 Vladimir Karaleev is a guest lecturer at the MDH “University of Applied Sciences”. In July 2010 Vladimir Karaleev won the third prize of the fashion contest “Start your Fashion Business”. His collection showcases a pure- avant-garde style, with unusual cuts and refreshing independence. “

“In his tenth collection, “Principles of Disarrangement”, Vladimir Karaleev continues the creative process he has followed since founding his label of the same name. As the title of the collection, ‘Principles of Disarrangment’ suggests, it is about contradiction. The aforementioned disarrangement refers to the form of the pieces in this collection, as from a formal perspective their functional elements are restructured and redirected. Details like collars or pockets no longer correspond to their functional names, but become components of a consciously and precisely crafted disorder. At the same time, the basic function of clothing, to dress its wearer,is always maintained; the sense of fundamental rearrangement does not consist in mere provocation but in relieving clothes and  their individual parts of
their normally strict regulation and thereby subverting traditional conventions. With the aim of  formal  innovation, Vladimir Karaleev pushes the gradual disappearance of the rules of propriety from clothing radically further.The image of the collection, which seems chaotic at first sight, is strengthened by the perceived crudity of the garments, whose open seams and  frayed, unfinished edges are typical qualities of Vladimir Karaleev’s work that can be seen in his previous collections.
As the title implies, however, this so-called ‘disarrangement’ is subject to ‘principles’ which are equally as visible in, and which structure Vladimir Karaleev’s collection: clear, basic forms  and geometric lines define the overall aesthetic of the individual pieces, and are supported by a carefully considered colour palate. Wools in sand to dark earthy tones are combined with equally dark and powerful blues, while lighter materials in various shades of grey provide an effective contrast.
To complement the collection Vladimir Karaleev has also designed his first shoe collection.
The principles that underlie the clothes are reflected in the different shoe models and their respective contradicting combinations of materials. The shoes are produced by an established Italian shoe manufacturer.”
Here some pictures from the fashion show presented in Berlin

Press release & images courtesy of Müller & Zenone www.muellerzenone.de

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