Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Konrad Parol is 25 years old and is passionately engaged in his life passion which is clothes design in which he shows enormous creativity and involvement.He designs for women and men who are brave, exceptional and who value comfort and elegance. His name is associated with perfect finish and luxury. Konrad Parol works with best quality fabrics: pure silks, wool, cashmere, natural cotton, even for the linings he uses pure silks. The cuts of his dresses accentuate the figure and beauty of the woman’s body. Exquisite creations of this designer are complemented by accessories as well as shoes designed and made by him.

The new concept of Kaftan

Trust Your Crazy Ideas takes the concept of the Kaftan and extends it to new realms. An important garment from North Africa to Asia, the Kaftan is part of the history of fashion of which it became heritage in the 18th century. Distinctive element for the status of the person who wears it, a type of clothing that displays the art of living alongside tradition.

Long cloack, essential and deconstructed tunic, with ample shapes, precious fabrics, often enriched with intarsia and embroideries to make it unique and special. The Trust Your Crazy Ideas project was born from a conscious thought about the value that each of us places on our own lifestyle. Global and massified communication has led astray and

mystified the idea of individuality, disseminating trends, rules and social behaviour.

"Exploded View" A/W 2011-2012

The philosophy behind MICHAEL KAMPE is to show up new directions in Street- and Denimwear far from mass-market production, focussed on an individual, single piece. To achieve this, an unique production technique has been developed, ranging from deconstructing classical pattern to mixing different materials, all-over digital printing, modern art influenced patchwork construction of garments. To offer an unique product, the pieces are completely hand-made with individual treatment. This independent young label MICHAEL KAMPE is directed towards customers who are more “collectors” than consumers. Kampe’s graduate (BA hons) collection at The Royal Academy Antwerp was inspired by exploded view drawings of engineers and technicians. In this collection, Kampe interprets the idea of explosions in the cut, print and treatment of denim and the styling of each silhouette. With his collection, “Exploded View”, Michael Kampe won ITS#9 in Trieste in 2010.

for F/HOMME/ issue one

The model CHRIS TANNER for the magazine F/HOMME issue one.

All clothing RAD HOURANI.

Photographer  ANTHONY MEYER

Leather Jacket Love Story Fall/Winter 2011-12

Carlos Diez is a Spanish fashion designer , “Leather Jacket Love Story” is the title of his winter collection 2011/12 presented during the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week at the Ifema on February 22, 2011 in Madrid, Spain .

London launch party

Saturday 14th of May, Dust, the magazine i’m working for, presented the first issue  with a party at Korsan in East London. It was cool and wild party.  Music was provided by  Yasmina Dexter, Matthew Stone, Komakino, Katie Eary and Dean Mayo Davies

Autumn/Winter 2011/12

This time the starting point and inspiration of the collection originates from Don Cherry’s album “Codona” recorded with fellow musicians Collin Walcott and NanaVasconcelos.

Here, band members used the first two letters of their names to create the album title. For this collection, the Japanese words Otona (Adult) and Codomo (Child) are combined to create the word  “Codona”. The “Codona” collection refers to the adult who retains the curiosity, the openness and the playfulness of a child without the prejudice learnt in later life

The collection is variable and playful but mature at the same time. It shows variations of inside out and upside down, playing with forms and colours while leaving the wearer freedom to experiment.

Berlin launch party

Dust is the magazine i´m working for. I´ve organized the party in Berlin.

On the 29th of April, Dust Magazine presented his first issue with a double event in Berlin, at 7pm with the opening of the exhibition Seeds  anExhibition featuring a selection of photographic works from the premiere issue of DUST Magazine by Kevin Amato, Jordi Gual, Matthias Hamann, Holger Homann, Helen Korpak, Iwajla Klinke, Slava Mogutin, Benyamin Reich,Dorothee Smith. The main event it´s been the party at the club HBC. In Alexander Platz. Where the magazine mood was presented with different video installation in different parts of the club.

at the Veronica Pohle boutique, Berlin

Me and the fashion designer Anna Sui

Anna Sui ,born in 1964, is an American fashion designer. Her brand retails globally in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her clothing, fragrance, cosmetic, and accessories lines sell through her stores in over 50 countries and are also widely distributed at leading department stores worldwide. She is known for her vivid, colorful and culturally inspired designs. The 3th of May Anna Sui was at the Veronica Pohle boutique in Berlin to present her parfums fragrances and her spring summer collection. I curated the visual  for the event and the display of the new collection.

Fall/Winter 2011-12

Barbara Ì Gongini graduated in 1996 from Denmarks Designschool, Institute of Unica Design. She has been involved in many design-related activities and has received several design awards and grants. Furthermore, Barbara Ì Gongini has been a member of several design adjudicating committees, etc. In 2008 Barbara Ì Gongini was awarded a work-grant from the Danish Arts Agency, a unit of the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Barbara í Gongini AW11 – Film , director & editor Marianna Mørkøre.