Fall/Winter 2011-12

Barbara Ì Gongini graduated in 1996 from Denmarks Designschool, Institute of Unica Design. She has been involved in many design-related activities and has received several design awards and grants. Furthermore, Barbara Ì Gongini has been a member of several design adjudicating committees, etc. In 2008 Barbara Ì Gongini was awarded a work-grant from the Danish Arts Agency, a unit of the Danish Ministry of Culture.

Barbara í Gongini AW11 – Film , director & editor Marianna Mørkøre.

BARBARA I GONGINI is pushing boundaries in ethical fashion.  The collections  – androgynous, futuristic and simplistic (with subtle intricacies) bears no signs of compromising style for the sake of sustainability.   Barbara’s Nordic roots are evident in her uncomplicated designs and largely monochromatic shades . ’’ Strong geometric cuts to soft ovoid silhouettes, focusing on the versatility of individual garments, enabling them to be worn however the customer wishes – is the core importance of the collections. ’’the whole concept is about using things in different ways, keeping the form as open as possible so the customer keeps an interaction with their particular style’’

The aim of the company is to create Nordic clothing based on a conceptual approach to the process, where experiments with forms provide the setting for the visual motive in the design. Barbara í Gongini creates clothing, which is at the leading edge of the trade. Barbara í Gongini furthermore participates very actively in the artistic debate in the Nordic countries. During the work, interdisciplinary co-operation with other artists within music, photography, film, etc, is emphasised and this co-operation nourishes inspiration during the design process itself.

Here some pictures of her winter collection 2011-12 Copenhagen Fashion Week

Take a look!!!

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