Spring/Summer 2011

“Jan Taminiau was born in 1975 in The Netherlands. In 2001 he graduates at the Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem, and signs up for the master’s programme at the Fashion Institute of Arnhem in 2003. After various traineeships at Olivier Theyskens, Oscar Süleyman, corsetier Hubert Barrere and lacemaker Hurel in Paris, he ventured abroad for the first time with a master’s project entitled ‘Unfolding’, which he presented at the Paris Fashion Week. This was followed by a window exhibition at Colette in Paris. In 2003 he launched his own label, JANTAMINIAU.”

“In July 2005 he held another show during the Paris Fashion Week, after which the “Empire Collection” was presented at the Fondation Cartier.  He inherits his creativity and his love for nostalgic materials from his entourage and family, mainly composed of antique dealers, decorators and interior designers. He draws from there his passion for artisan techniques, his quest for the perfect form and his aestheticism. “The basis of my work is always the same: I am continually translating the asymmetrical mirror of life. My work, each of my collections, my 2D/3D concept are the result from the combination of  my personal interpretation of the daily life, and from my passion for techniques and craftsmanship. It is a permanent constructive reflection. The basis is dogmatic, the process organic. Away from the strictures of fashion, I search for new forms and new horizons. The meticulously constructed creations enable the wearer to experiment endlessly with form. In my quest for the perfect fit I pursue new shapes and unconventional techniques. By weaving and interweaving fabrics, I enable a natural form to emerge which highlights character from the wearer. I leave behind the fast-moving and fickle world to return to what is nowadays almost a nostalgic source: security, respect for craftsmanship, and an awareness of the import of transience”

Here some pictures of his  spring summer collection 2011

Press release & images courtesy of Station service.


Take a look!!!


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