Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

Boris Bdjan Saberi presented in Paris  his spring summer collection 2012 Here some pictures of the fashion show

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

In this collection, Ann Demeulemeester mixes Western influences with Eastern, past and present with the future to offer many great “cool” pieces like: cropped jackets, coats and long coats both with tuxedo collars, net tunics, loose shirts, layering up with embroidered sleeveless vests, trousers and short pants, perfect to mix and match. All of the collection had a wide range of contrasting fabrics that included everything from heavy linen with silk, suede and leather with pearls. Ann wanted to create a tension between fabrics but also adding more elegance and refinement to the wildly layered looks. Here some pictures of the fashion show

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

For his s/s 2012 Thom Browne presented a collection inspired by the 1920s that remind to cabaret. The fashion designer playing with proportions and offering up a boxy silhouette, Thom Browne proved to naysayers that he’s still capable of designing menswear.

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

Rick Owens presented his s/s collection 2012  at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, was all about man skirts, man gowns and ethereal harmony. “I’m not going to sell tons of them,” said Owens, “But if there’s anyone on the planet that can sell skirts to men, it’s me. It’s a niche, but I like the niche.”

Here some pictures of the fashion show

100% Handmade in Italy

Born from the combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovation, Dimmler is the new “made to measure” shoe’s project available in the online marketplace. Still more significant is the demand for handmade shoes and unique ‘Made in Italy’, for this reason Dimmler with its limited production meets a demanding clientele. The beginning of the online shopping starts with the choice of the leather, among those selected and top quality, while the second step is the choice of the strings, the inner lining, sole end stitching. Customer can also enjoys the “washed” section, where you can see the 3 different sizes of shoes: low, mid and high in washed and scratched buffalo leather. The proposal Dimmler lets see some designs available in “limited edition”, which includes models designed with special materials, while in the section “ready to wear”, the seasonal patterns of the brand.
The ‘Diary’ allows all customers to submit their choice, proposing a personal taste outfit.

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

This is the uncensored Nicola Formichetti’s video for the campaign “Brothers of Arcadia” Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2012 directed by Branislav Jankic featuring models Alex Eroe, Esmir Redzepagic, Justin Barnhill, Matthieu Charneau, Peter Pagan and Travis Cannata.

“I was interested in the idea of fantasy, dreams and voyeurism,” Formichetti says. “I was looking at Italian Neo-Realist cinema and then, post-that, where Fellini and Pasolini become more about myth and fantasy. At the same time, I loved the idea and accessibility of pornography and everyday voyeurism onXtube. Fashion is always referencing pornography, so there was an element in doing this film of just ‘cutting out the middleman,’ but it is an erotic fashion film nonetheless.”

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

For Spring/Summer 2012, the Belgian designer showed a flurry of soft pastel-hued suits and suit separates. The unusually understated collection had 1950s influences, mostly in the body paint and tricep-length gloves. Though the show started as a quiet collection, for Beirendonck’s standard, ended with a crazy  forms tulle outfits. Here some pictures of the fashion show

by Mateusz Stankiewic

The model “Zombie boy”  photographed by  Mateusz Stankiewic. Here the video and some pictures

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

Here some pictures of the spring summer collection 2012 by Jean Paul Gaultier showed in Paris.

Spring/Summer 2012

This is the fantastic lookbook of the  fashion designer Julian Zigerli that will present his spring/summer collection 2012 in july  for the Berlin Fashion week at Arne  Eberle showroom.