Heaven Tanudiredja
"The Jewels come to alive"

HEAVEN TANUDIREDJA was born in Bali. His fashion life started when he was 15 years old, working as an assistant designer in Indonesia.

He then studied and graduated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp in Belgium. While he was still in his second year in this institution, the designer has received a Dries Van Noten Award. Under Steven Robinson, John Galliano’s right hand at the time, he then pursued his carreer at Christian Dior Haute Couture. Heaven Tanudiredja has established his own jewellery line in 2007 in collaboration with Dries Van Noten. Besides, Heaven Tanudiredja is a member of the Dries Van Noten creative team in Antwerp (Belgium).

Everything is made by hand in the studio. Tanudiredja and his three-person team are responsible for churning out upwards of 300 pieces every six months, each of which takes 48 hours of exacting beadwork to construct.

I always want that the jewels come to alive. Some kind of a very exotic flowers that doesn’t exist anymore. So it seems like the woman have something very naturally stronger athmosphere. That is why we used antique stones and crystal because the shines is different than new crystal. Or even like this season we colored the crystal one by one even the smallest one (about 3 mm) to have a some kind of strange blue light when you gather all the stones together to build a shape. Robotic and exotic are the keywords that are always on my mind when I create something.”

Take a look at: /www.heaventanudiredja.be/

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