HELLO, Simon Dybbroe Moller exhibition.
October 11th 2011 –Jan 28th 2012

Setting up – Breaking down – New setting up.

HELLO by Simon Dybbroe Moller at Fondazione Giuliani Rome focuses on the problem of the language, of his construction and codification. He uses different installations to express this concept.

O and No, a gym floor, previously build in an appropriate way, has been subsequently re-built in an apparently dissociate way. It becomes the visual leading track of this way to proceed, but also a confirmation on his critical, as much as elegant, action of the ephemeral sense on the language abuse.

Things Thinking Things, c-prints, frames, wood, metal, glass, wire. An ordered mass of objects that can only suggest the presence of a visual work, it is crowded by “useless” objects on it. The assemblage becomes the message of the material excess.

O, inkjet print, tecco ultraglass film. It comes out from Word, the most commune program for writing by Microsoft. The shapes, framed, can only allude to the basic symbols of the alphabet, so that the observer can appreciate an instrument of communication in his pure shape, incomplete on his use.

Produce, printer, C-prints. A printer blocked at the moment of the coming out of the print. The curiosity for what will be on it and again the abortion of the communication, thanks to the abortion of the final product.

Hello, audio piece. It is the audio leading track on the exhibition. O-hello-“o” sounds.

The block of the instruments that produce the language has been realized to show how much this filling wastes it. It is for this reason that he chooses the creation of apparently non-senses visual experiences. The whole composition of this “image of material excess” is realized in an extremly precise and ordered visual space.

Simon Dybbroe MØller (b. 1976, Arhus, Denmark) lives and works in Berlin.

Upcoming 2012: The Barbican Center.

Recend solo shows 2011: O, Francesca Minini; Rest On your Belly Mud, Laura Bartlett Gallery, London; Flotsam and Jetsam, Badischer Kunsverein, Karlsruhe (with Jacob Dahl Jürgensen).

Selected group exhibitions 2011 include Dance Your Life, Centre Pompidou, Paris; A Slowdown at the Museum, Extra City Kunsthal, Antwerp; Momentum 2011 – 6th Nordic Biennial for Contemporary Art, Moss, Norway.


Via Gustavo Bianchi 1 – Roma

Tuesday through Saturday from 3.00 pm to 7.30 pm, and by appointment


Cristina La Rocca

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