Autumn/Winter 2012 Berlin Fashion Week

To Infinity And Beyond

From the land of dinosaurs, amber and youth. Of the boundless realm of memory Julian Zigerli draws the solid for his A/W 2012 collection ‘To Infinity And Beyond’.

The Möbius Strip with it’s single surface, one side and one
boundary component encapsulates the collections spirit perfectly. The Möbius Strip stands for infinity and draws a line between the past, the present and the future.

Zigerli uses high-grade material, functional design and
extraordinary printing to fuel the exploring mind in the conquest of the infinite.

It is colorful. It is L-O-V-E. It is Z-I-G-E-R-L-I. All made for
confident individuals who carry with them the conservation of infinity: A memory of boyhood.

Photo by Volker Eichenhofer

Text courtesy Arne Eberle

Take a look!  Julian Zigerli

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