H&M finally released images of their latest designer collaboration..

Autumn/Winter 2012-13 London Fashion Week

Lot of expectations for Katie Eary’s performans on the London runways, looking forward to the show also Kanye West, with a special ringside seat to carefully watch at the show.

Autumn/Winter 2012 London Fashion Week

Inspired by the juxtaposition between Russian peasants and royalties, Autumn Winter 2012 delves into the stories surrounding the final czars of the Romanov family and the myth of their daughter Anastasia, the sole survivor of the family massacre. Exploring the journey of her escape and the loss of her privileged life, Fyodor Golan investigated the correlation to that of an insect that changes itself for protection.

Autumn/Winter 2012-13 London Fashion Week

Yesterday Pam Hogg presented her collection for London Fashion week, I was there, here some pictures of the collection.

Morana Kranjec
Zagreb fusion

Croatian born designer Morana Krajenic was born into a fashion family – persuing a creative profession, she attended the University of Zagreb to study Textile Technology.

Experimenting with origami thecniques – Morana created designs strongly influenced by traditional Japanise clothing. On progression on her garment construction, Morana created 3D garments made of sheet of paper – taking inspiration from suits of armour bringing a modern twist to a strong traditional aesthetic.

Morana Kranjec

Autumn/Winter 2012-13 London Fashion Week

The Italian Brand of Moschino Cheap & Chic showed yesterday for the first time in London. The creative director Rossella Jardini riffed on “makeup and Queen Elizabeth”, and the result was an ice cream-hued, royalty-gone-askew foray.”It’s about making up your life,” she said before the show. The designer Francesca Rubino  presented silhouettes were vaguely ’60s and came in an eclectic palette of makeup prints, patchwork lace, and rainbow fur. Cosmetic prints plastered puff ball skirts and cocktail dresses. Patchwork lace dresses came in a delicious assortment of candy colours, while fuzzy fur boleros and bags added a cute yet kooky edge.

Iris van Herpen

‘For me fashion is an expression of art that is very closely related both to me and to my body. I see it as an expression of identity combined with desire, moods and a cultural setting’

‘I find that forms complement and change the body and thus the emotion’

Iris Van Herpen

Capriole - Iris Van Herpen

Broken cuts enriched by unnatural materials, cold moods immerged in a perfection of unreal shapes, unfinished cuts and circular labyrinths, this is what the Icelandic artist Bjork choose to wear for the image of the new album Biophilia.

Capriole - Iris Van Herpen

Sculptured Art

Soft Crash
/ aluminum, piezo, arduino / 330x330x165(d) cm / 2011

Is it visual art, audio art, a sculpture, a product, a machine? Byoungho Kim’s works could be described as all of these.

Brian Duffy
The Swinging London

David Bowie - Brian Duffy

On the occasion of Pitti Immagine Uomo 81, the Museo Nazionale Alinari della Fotografia in Florence promotes the first retrospective on the photographic work of Brian Duffy – DUFFY. A PHOTOGRAPHIC GENIUS – 12 January – 25 March 2012.

During the Sixties Brian Duffy (1933 –2010) was the portrayer of the Swinging London.

Seagulls Flying Backwards Indicate a Very Strong Wind
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