Sculptured Art

Soft Crash
/ aluminum, piezo, arduino / 330x330x165(d) cm / 2011

Is it visual art, audio art, a sculpture, a product, a machine? Byoungho Kim’s works could be described as all of these.

A Memory of the Rule
/ anodizing on aluminum, piezo, arduino / 250x250x50(d) cm / 2011

The sound sculptures of Seoul-based artist Byoungho Kim tread the line between product and art object. They have no “practical use”, they are defined as art but their intrigue lies in the technology behind them. Byoungho Kim describes his pieces as “constructed fantasy” that expresses mankind’s continuous pursuit of new desires. His work can be also referred to as sound art. Or the arts of sound that makes sound.

A Colloidal Body
/ aluminum, arduino, piezo / 277x277x90(d) cm / 2010

White Interfaces
signal wire, piezo, Arduino Uno / Dimensions variable / 2011
VENUE : Gallery JungMiSo, Seoul, Korea

Horizontal Intervention
/ aluminum, piezo, arduino / 96 x 280 x 25(d) cm / 2010

Collected Silences
aluminum, piezo, arduino / dimensions variable / 2010
VENUE : Touchart gallery, Heyri, Korea

Assembling for Eternity 3
/ urethane rubber on steel / 170cm in diameter / 2008

Byoungho Kim about his work:

“My artwork begins with an assumption that ‘mankind is in continuous pursuit of new desires’. All kinds of desires are exaggerated, minimized, and deleted in order to achieve a pre-established goal. And the more these desires gather together, the larger and more complicated the constructed being becomes. Thus, this is the constructed fantasy, a fantasy of desire, and a fantasy of our time.”

Marta Di Puccio

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