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Edward Steichen - Gary Cooper 1930

His career as a fashion photographer begun thanks to Condé Nast editions, in 1923 he was chief photographer for Vogue and Vanity Fair. During these years he moved the idea of the untouchable woman into a concrete character of contemporary society, never loosing the fairy/concrete mood that signs all his shootings.

Edward Steichen - 1932

Grace and elegance in the visual language, these are the main features behind the work of a cult photographer natural born in Luxemburg. At the age of 3 his family moved to the U.S.A., there, he grew up as a fine art painter. This first approach to the visual language was deeply remarkable on his photographic production. As a person who mostly cared about the perfect expression reached by a fair harmony inside a visual product, he used the same attention and care to develop his photographic language.

Edward Steichen - Marlene Dietrich

The struggle to improve the artistic value of photography, to demonstrate how it could elevate his status of handmade work, traduces his work in an uncommon creative process that associates his career of painter and his passion for photography. Since 1902 he worked beside the leading person of Alfred Stieglitz for the Photo Secession society, which soon became kind of movement to promote a new modernism in photographic language as au pair with art.

Edward Steichen - Genius

Edward Steichen - Heavy Rose 1914

Cristina La Rocca


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