"A message for you"

‘A message for you’, this is the title of a two volume publication by Guy Bourdin, where a mannequins fétiche displays all the visionary genius of a fashion photographer. Aged thirty, after the military service where he learned how to manage with a camera, he had his first publishing with the French Vogue. Since that moment he officially started his career as a fashion photographer, but mostly in France he was already known to be the one man of different painting exhibitions for different galleries.

Models colours and dresses, these are all needed elements.

He shook shapes and colours of these and built up a new daring and compelling visual experience. Erotic and surreal ‘Bourdin realised that it is not fashion itself that seduces people but the fantasy it represents’. During the Seventies his fashion works represented a broke up with classical exposition of beauty, to force the rhythm of pictures, borderline between reality and surreal stages. The points of view are unclear, same for the situations. All this daily mystery drives our glances through what nowadays could be seen as an out of time fashion photographical must.

Cristina La Rocca

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