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one week for the next fall winter

Milan fashion week Fall-Winter 2012-2013

Known to be at the top, Milan is the Italian city most involved in fashion, as much as in the international creative world.

These last days of February has been that of Milan Fashion week, to introduce the new fall-winter collections of the most appreciate Italian stylists but also that of the youngest ones.

Armani, Prada, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Ferré, Moschino. Dark colours, and soft lines, to present the elegant look that always lives up to the Italian expectations.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2012-2013

Dolce&Gabbana declared, as line in style a voyage backward to Sicily, there they found new inspirations, gold and decorative textures managed together with elegance. Moschino is present with his smiling lines and favourite colours, from black to an almost fluorescent yellow.

Moschino Fall Winter 2012-2013

Moschino Fall Winter 2012-2013

Francesca Liberatore chooses light colours, mostly white tones, to hug the female bodies. Tomas Maier, Bottega Veneta, emphasizes the predominant black, to dress up a determined and forceful woman. For Giorgio Armani, grey tones mixed up with light passionate reds and issues from it.

Bottega Veneta Fall Winter 2012-2013

German designer Tomas Maier for Bottega Veneta

But something special has been introduced for this Fashion Week, the launch of a special review between art and fashion. UnFlop, this is the name of the new paper magazine presented at the end of the Prada defile. Certainly the world of fashion is close to the art world, and certainly both are mixed in terms of inspirations and ambitions.

Giorgio Armani Fall Winter 2012-2013

Giorgio Armani Fall Winter 2012-2013

Now let’s wait for Paris Fashion Week to discover new dialogues between dresses, bodies and souls.

Cristina La Rocca

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