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Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

If this 2012 will happily get to its end here it is what we expect to wear for the next fall – winter.

Away from the spectacular style of Alexander McQueen, many stylists decided to hide the female silhouette behind different textiles, which move lightly to hug the woman. Leather, wool, embroidery, each collection has his peculiarity, not excessive, not baroque, simplicity is the keyword. A very classical taste is spread around, any slovenly or tasteless features, only soft elegance.

Yves Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Yves Saint Lauren Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

The last collaboration between Stefano Pilati and the French Maison Yves Saint Laurent presented a strong as much as well-defined woman.

Valentino Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Rick Owens plays with wool, creating masks on the faces of comfortably dressed models, over size dresses, covered with small leather jackets.

Rick Owens Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Ann Demeulemeester uses dark tones and basic tailleur shapes readapted in a new synthesis.

Gaunt light coloured boys’ style for Maison Martin Margiela, leisurely skirts and pulls for Cloé.

Ann Demeulemeester Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Maison Martin Margiela Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Cloé Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

AF Vandevorst decided to cover the face of the models on the runway, to better focus on the dresses, so scarfes and hats higher on the face light, and all the attention on the clothes.

AF Vandevorst Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

AF Vandevorst Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Last but not least the collection of Christian Dior designed by Bill Gaytten, pure elegance. Light pastel colours from grey to light pink, black and blue tone derivations for the evening. Easy hundred per cent effective.

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

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