Terrywood L.A. - Terry Richardson

Apparently no rules?!

What’s provocative, what’s chintzy, what’s ageless, what’s extremely freaky, what’s the deal with TERRYWOOD?

Territory? Terrific? Terry…


Terrywood L.A. - OHWOW Gallery

Here we are!

Run in LA and visit OHWOW spaces, currently invaded by Terry Richardson’s TERRYWOOD.

A retrospective on the Hollywood World experienced by the amazing figure of this American man, grew up between LA and NYC. Only few days left to experience the freedom and the genius of a man ruled by anyone, grew up by the international world of the Seventies and so on.

Terrywood L.A.

The ex-punk musician begun to take pictures around 27, in that period he moved back to New York. There he came in touch with the East Village crowded by this attractive and often provocative world set up by fashion people, musicians and art’s performers. Nightclubs, bars and interesting  frequented apartments these the places of his kind of underground life, as mirror of a culture, testimony of a people’s range living to excessively express their lust for life.

Terry Richardson Purple Magazine

What’s sex for him, it is such a natural and lusty expression of the body that only waits to be enriched by the fantasy of men. No restraint to show stages going beyond what it could apparently be considered as erotic fantasies. Day by day his work took shape as a complex portrait of a daily way of life, fitted with uncountable contributions to the fashion world from American and French editions of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The Face, i-D, Dazed and Confused, and Purple. In recent years, he has exhibited his work worldwide.

Terrywood L.A. - Tom Ford and Terry Richardson

Lil Wayne by Terry Richardson

Lil Wayne by Terry Richardson




February 24 – March 31, 2012

Opening reception:

Friday, February 24, 6 – 9 PM

937 North La Cienega Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90069

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