75 Years - Endless Steps

Herta and Michael Mientus

Mientus is by now a Berliner Institution talking about female and male wearing. it’s necessary to know that what we experience today is due to Herta and Michael Mientus.

Mientus - Berlin 1958

If you’re hanging around in Berlin, and you wish to buy some clothes, and you wish to relate with a serious and highly regarded store, where you go it is -doubtless- MIENTUS.
Nothing more than this exclusive store can give to the customers a comfortable mood.

Moncler for Mientus 75th anniversary

This year it falls the 75th anniversary of the first store, built up in 1937 thanks to Herta and Michael Mientus’ determination.

The couple pursued the purpose to give a high quality and a precise taste to their dressing line by choosing, since the beginning, the best stylists ever and commercialize these in their store.
This working relation is still lasting, indeed, for this special year, to underline the best professionalism ever, 20 of the best brands and stylists of nowadays choose to take part at

-The Limited Diamond Collection-

Celebrating Mientus 75th anniversary

All of them chose a special present for Mientus, a special design for a special Brand, so this will be kind of year for clothing’s collecting at Mientus, a unique opportunity to wear a cloth which could represent a unique performance and witness for a special moment in life.

Giorgio Armani for Mientus 75th anniversary

Paul Smith for Mientus 75th anniversary

Hugo Boss for Mientus 75th anniversary

A living witness of  MIENTUS’ history and quality is also represented by some devoted customers, ‘MIENTUS MANNEQUINS’, since the beginning serving their selves at Mientus, and if it happens to talk to them, they’ll narrate you of this reliance for Mientus, surely indirectly inviting you to become part of this experience.

Modeinformationen 1964 - 1966

Baldessarini for Mientus 75th anniversary

Dior for Mientus 75th anniversary

Cristina La Rocca
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