by Lynne Kayenne

Audrey Hepburn

People always assume that the constant following of trends and rocking the latest/hottest thing on the catwalk will get them the attention they need to progress on the career ladder, attract the love of their life and boost their confidence. I die for trends but when it comes to dressing for success, I am inspired by old school roots of smart dressing. You know that sexy tailored look that my friend Ozwald Boateng designs? I die for that, I yearn for that. To me that is sexy and I would like to see more of this on young women.

Ozwald is just one of the examples I draw on in my motivational book, ‘Dreamchaser’. I’ve talked to him at great length about what he has done to make the mundane man dress for success, a skill that he was inspired to emulate by his idol Giorgio Armani. Ozwald Boateng represents fashion for success. I just love what a son of African immigrants has achieved for himself, for Saville Row and the fashion industry through dressing people for success. When a man dresses in an Ozwald Boateng suit he screams “dream chaser”, he screams I am going to make this deal, I am going to turn my heartfelt dreams into reality and dressing in this suit will give me the confidence and self belief, boost his burning desire that will help him take the necessary action towards the achievement of his dreams. Ozwald Boateng’s designs represent success. When Jamie Foxx won his Oscar, when Laurence Fishbourne and Will Smith go to film premieres, and for Jude Law in the film, Alfie.  Guess who made all their suits? Yes you guessed right Mr. Ozwald Boateng. What I really want for my generation, for the youth of today, the young women all over the world is to dress for success. Indeed, whether it is for formal or informal occasions, I want people to be less trend followers and more classic dressers. Ya know tailored clothes that will revolutionise your wardrobe as well as provide you with an air of assured elegance because in my eyes that is what’s sexy.

Diana, Princess of Wales.

Imagine a 2012 Audrey Hepburnesque look that screams:<< I am going to conquer the world>>. Elegant clothes that are sexy and strong and will provide you with the confidence and self-belief that you are going to get that job, your dream car or the man of your dreams.  Fashion that reflects success on a real woman no matter what height, weight or race. Success is as much a lifestyle as fashion and to dress for success doesn’t mean you have to have a movie star budget. It can be done on shoestring if you know what you are looking for. Try the multitude of fashion websites and blogs as well as vintage You tube videos and try to emulate some classic dressers out there. Some days you’ll get it wrong but don’t give up. When you dress for success that confidence will shine through.

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Onassis

Check out Victoria Beckham…the epitome of fashion for success. Her glamorous designs are inspired, original and well tailored to suit the silhouette of a real woman. The James Bond films are also a great inspiration…especially ‘From Russia With Love’ Notice the impeccable suits the women wear, the sheer elegance, pizzazz, glamour and sexiness that oozes from those shots. As Coco Channel put it, “dress sharply they notice the dress, impeccably they notice the woman”. You can do this by simply putting together a tailored pencil skirt with a seductive smart and classic blouse. This will instantly give you a modern day Jackie O aura that just screams I am dressed for success and shall achieve my dreams.

Lynne Kayenne

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