MADONNA and her Florentine experience.
by Dario Faggi

There were three Italian shows of Madonna’s new tour MDNA, a city in particular stood out for having captured the interest of the queen of pop.The charming Florence is indeed the location of the next’s artist video “Turn up the radio”.
After performing in front of a stadium of 40,000 fans with an incredible two-hours show, Madonna was granted a long weekend in the beautiful setting of the Tuscan capital.
She visited the Uffizi focusing on the paintings of Botticelli, and then along the Vasari corridor which, through the historic center of Florence, comes out in the vast garden of Boboli.
But it was not only a holiday for the Queen.
The shooting of the video are started two days after the concert in Galliano, a small village in the hills of Mugello, close to Florence.
Madonna has shot into a gas station first, then in the church and village square, then along an avenue of cypresses, continued in her absence the filming. In her place, apparently, a stunt double was used. In the afternoon however the set was set up right in front of her hotel in the center, along the Arno.
In the scene, filmed in front of dozens of onlookers, fans and paparazzi kept a safe distance by a team of bodyguards, Madonna is seen in skimpy black leather dress and dark glasses out in haste away, balancing on heels, and enter the Cadillac eldorado Metallic already used for the first part of the clip in Mugello. At the same time, a crowd of extras, some in the role of fans in that of other photographers, greet her, shouting and starting to take pictures.
We will see the result of the shooting in a few weeks, where surely stand out a powerful Madonna will once again be able to amaze us, this time with the support of several beauties of her homeland, Italy.
Images courtesy by Germogli, Pressphoto, Mori and new press photo.

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