Fashion and Olympics
by Lynne Kayenne

The Olympics is fast becoming the trendiest most talked about “star” across the globe this season but somehow I’ve been shying away from blogging about it. Number 1 because I didn’t think it would make an interesting or fashionable read but somewhere deep in my subconscious I knew it would be motivating so I took the plunge and dived right in.

Getting into the Olympics for an Athlete and Team is a Dream come true. It takes hard work, vision, sheer will, laser eye focus, determination to make it to the games and I totally understand why London and entire world is going crazy with celebrations, much deserved might I add as those heroes trained hard, will perform their best, with hopes of winning gold medals that then become the nation’s treasure. Athlete’s are 21st century heroes and I strongly believe that “pop culture” should salute them a bit more as they represent the premise of giving it all to achieve success because there is no point in travelling out here to London to give a mediocre performance.

The fashion industries all over the world are playing their creative roles in honouring the Olympics. I know Karen Millen will showcase an Olympics collection in their stores next week featuring metallic textures and cool sports inspired lines. Mui Mui has also gone for a super shiny look with a range of gold and silver handbags, accessories and footwear.

Jimmy Choos, Karl Lagerfeld and many others are also following this Olympics inspired trend. Here in London our very own Stella McCartney got the opportunity of a lifetime (well I am not sure it’s a lifetime opportunity being that she’s the daughter of a Beatle) anyway she did the official designs for the British teams outfits and has also been appointed Creative Director of London Fashion for Olympics 2012. I am not going to bore you with the job specifications and descriptions of the role but it’s an achievement and so in the spirit of the Olympics, I’ll finish fast and urge you to chase your Dreams. I’ll sign off with a little inspiration from Eminem “You better lose yourself, in your dream, in this moment, you only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime”


Lynne Kayenne

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