RE.TREAT collection "Where restriction becomes healing"

ÚNA BURKE is an artist designer based in London :” Through my work I continually aim to create leather objects which are both visually captivating and technically challenging. They are indefinable as particular garments, avoiding being placed into the conventional categories of the fashion industry. They are free to exist as wearable objects, to be interpreted independently by each individual. I use traditional leatherworking techniques to produce these evocative, conceptual creations and in doing this I hope to encourage a new and more modern appreciation for leather craftsmanship, presenting the possibilities achievable through the use of this material in both the areas of visual art and of functional design.”


This conceptual collection of wearable art pieces, depicts a series of eight human gestures associated with the cause, the physical and psychological effect and the healing stages of human trauma. Sculptural forms are created around the shape of the contorted female body while a number of pieces are reminiscent of prosthetics and medical braces. This signifies the potential for healing within the boundaries of something which inhibits the body.

Carcass-like in form, each piece is hand crafted from vegetable tanned leather, resulting in a colour indicative of human flesh. They have been produced to be viewed as contemplation artefacts observed in the environment of the gallery. They can also be used as fashion accessories when broken down into sections, such as arm braces, leg braces, and accessories for the head, neck and shoulders. These pieces could be combined with other garments in flowing fabrics which would create beautiful contrasts with their structured forms.

Take a look!!! Úna Burke

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