Robert Morris “UNTITLED”
by Pamela Dessì

Robert Morris was born in 1931 in Kansas City, USA. He is regarded as one of the most prominent theorists of Minamalism, Process Art (Anti Form) and Land Art.In his work he used a variety of fabrics, and for almost a decade, from the late 60′s to mid 70′s, he worked with an industrially produced one, called felt.

This soft, flexible and long-lasting man-made material through a range of procedures such as cutting, twisting, hanging it up, laying or dropping it down, creates the most different shapes, depending on how it is observed. In this way the piece of work is perceived differently every time and it appears to its observer always new.

The law of gravity has an essential role in this project, and the relationship between objects and space is what has always fascinated Morris, who through his imagination has made this material a unique and elegant item.

The perception of his creation is also influenced by features such as color, shape and size, the reason being that his piece of work has an all subjective charm.

Psychology and philosophy are critical in Morris’ work, also influenced by aestheticism, which is mostly based on the importance of aesthetic values, and whose crucial principle is “art for the sake art “as a representation of itself, as for him is ” the form for the sake of form. “

Pamela Dessì

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