Art meets Fashion today
An insight of the Berlin art scene

These days, living in the city of Berlin, i discovered an artist that i totally fell in love with.

Her name is Iris van Dongen, and no she’s not an artist from the past as you’ll conclude by the name, she’s a “present” woman, a painter and a fashionista living here.

How did i get to know Iri’s art? Well, that’s a Berlin thing! One day when wandering around in Mitte looking at gallery windows, something captured my gaze and i just couldn’t take my eyes off of it.

A mysterious woman painting, colored by melancholy, staring at the garments.

This is one of the Suspicious “drawings”, created by Iris van Dongen from 2003 to 2009. Multicolored, monumental, from melancholy to pin up, from romantic to symbolic, from the 19th century till our times and environment. This woman stands there as the designer of all these clothes, watching the days and the fashion trends pass by.

This is the point where art meets fashion today. Shall not forget the past, wonder about the future and hope for freedom and liberation.