Is this the future?
The evolution of the street style

It has been a while since street style photos have totally invaded the fashion environment. Posted on major blogs and magazines, they’ve been all over the fashion advertising campaigns, at times to the point of saturating fashion imagery. That’s why the traditional street style renewed itself by putting aside the usual “over looked” young women, and experimenting with new demographic clusters.

Ari Seth Cohen, famous photographer, is effectively surveying the street, looking for some elderly models to nourish her blog:

Decryption of particular trends is thus over, now only the style and the looks are important. After an incredible comeback of those symbols that have made the fashion system what it is today, and the unmotivated love for youth (especially when we know that buyers of major fashion labels are often over 40’s), it’s not surprising that mature age takes place in the fashion landscape as protagonist.

Ephemeral trend or is this the future?