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Everyone dreams at least once in a lifetime to have his or her own home and to be able to decorate accurately. With baroque objects or with a minimalistic style, with a vintage soul or completely hi-tech…everyone imagines the home as the ultimate extension of one’s personality, as the most personal thing that could represent us.

In this regard, have you ever tried to imagine how and where do the designers or the creative minds live? Do you ever wonder if the top fashion designers share their kitchen with their mannequins, or if the all so celebrated painters live in apartments with empty walls ready to be tinted?

Each doubt will be taken away if you take a look at the website “The Selby”. It offers a collection of wonderful photographs, showing the secrets of the dwellings of the creative people around the world. They are visual interviews that immortalize the living spaces of famous creative people, showing their unique and interesting interior decorations. The artists are described through their households and through their own personal way of interpreting the concept of “home”.

The creator of this website is Todd Selby, journalist/fashion photographer/illustrator. With this project he aims to show the insider’s view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with, of course, a keen eye for detail”.

Here are some images from the website:

by Giorgia Striuli

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