Evergreen Kate
Moss's controversial life through a book

If i have to think about the ultimate top model, i have no hesitations: Kate Moss.

She may not be the most loved, but she’s definitely the greatest. She’s one of the very few “Top Models” that lasted through the decades. She started her career in 1988 and now, 24 years later, she’s hotter then ever.

From drugs to anorexia, from random boyfriends to marriage, from wild child to caring mom.

Nothing crushed her.

In 2005 when the “Cocaine Kate” scandal  – the biggest she experienced – broke off several big brands dropped her as testimonial in their campaigns. In no time, and with the help of many famous friends, such as Alexander McQueen, she got up on her feet and signed even more exclusive deals, showing everyone she was unstoppable.

From then on she never slowed down, now she’s one of the most influential women worldwide and she’s worth over 9 million $.

To celebrate the life and career of this very chameleonic woman, on November 6th the retrospective “Kate: the Kate Moss Book” has been released. Kate Moss herself worked on this collection of 400 pictures, shot by the best photographers in the world, telling her story from the early days to the present stardom.

Kate Moss: a style icon, a designer’s muse and the ultimate Supermodel.

by Giulia Corbella

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