Moga e Mago
Present "Possession"

Last night we participated to the presentation of the short film “Possession” in Moga e Mago HQ.

Drinks and hors d’oeuvre were offered while you could check out the photo exhibit by photographer Ralf Schmerberg and the superb collection of their famous fur and metallic jackets (gorgeous!)

We walked around and took some pictures and mainly enjoyed the party.

Later on in the evening the short film played; the movie is based in Berlin, focusing on the female greed, personified by a Moga e Mago metallic jacket as the must-have-object that every woman could kill for.

It was a series of very strong images, that came out to fully represent the fearless concept of greed, wisely directed by the same Ralf Schmerberg.

When it was all over, off we went to the after party, where everyone continued to have a good time, just enjoying themselves.

Want some more info on the Berliner brand? Check out their website: mogaemago

By Giulia Corbella

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