Dior Homme 2013-14
where science fiction meets haute couture

The new Dior Homme collection, signed by Belgian fashion designer Kris Van Assche, represents a glamorous version of the old science fiction movies; a collection where the tradition of tailoring goes along with the world of sportswear and futuristic fashion.
The world of science fiction is also recalled by the sterilized total white catwalk, by models/gentlemen who wear suits, white shirts, high collars and slim high-waisted pants.

One of the results of this futuristic exploration is the superhero businessman – the silhouettes remind of Wall Street brokers – but with a not so classic twist.

Leitmotif of the collection is the color red, which becomes an evocative and recurring symbol for Dior Homme, a timeless symbol, minimalist and almost sterile.

Photos by: Yannis Vlamos/ Gorunway/ Indigital

Post by: Dario Faggi

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