The big of Antwerp´s Royal Academy.
by Valentina Plumari

Antwerp’s royal academy formed amazing designers. They are deeply different but with something in common: the success.

Ann Demeulemeester’s  fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear fashion show in Paris was brilliant, as always. Just two colours to represent the essential, the purity of beauty. Hats with long feathers flying over the heads of the models. A dream, a bad one, with double emotions. A black beautiful warrior fighting against daily life, heavy leather boots and firm huge belt to protect herself. And a white 19th-century princess with floating transparent dress and extra long coats. Fur and fringe are her weapons. Two way to see the same concept. A strong person who suffers but resists. Exactly, what we need today.

nothing other than

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

If this 2012 will happily get to its end here it is what we expect to wear for the next fall – winter.

a capsule collection exclusively for

For the first time ever, avant-garde Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester has created a unique capsule collection to be sold exclusively on just in time for holidays.

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

In this collection, Ann Demeulemeester mixes Western influences with Eastern, past and present with the future to offer many great “cool” pieces like: cropped jackets, coats and long coats both with tuxedo collars, net tunics, loose shirts, layering up with embroidered sleeveless vests, trousers and short pants, perfect to mix and match. All of the collection had a wide range of contrasting fabrics that included everything from heavy linen with silk, suede and leather with pearls. Ann wanted to create a tension between fabrics but also adding more elegance and refinement to the wildly layered looks. Here some pictures of the fashion show