Fall/Winter 2011-12

A womenswear line designed mainly by Ashburn Eng, young&restless is made for the freespirited, confident and unpretentious woman, who is sophisticated yet, bold enough to daydream. She is forever young and down-right restless. Launched in August 2010, young&restless has since garnered much publicity and positive reviews from both local and international media, having been featured in publications like Alexis, Amica, CATALOG, Cleo, DEW, Designaré, Elle, Faint, Female, Glamcult, Her World, I-S, JUICE, LÓfficiel, MODE, OXYGEN, NÜYOU, Style, Seventeen, Surface Asia magazines, and Urban (The Straits Times). In addition, many art/design sites and blogs from several countries like Australia, China, Hongkong, Italy, London, Malaysia, Russia, Spain, Thailand, Vietnam and United States have featured rave reviews and coverage towards the label and collection as well. young&restless is proud to be the only Asian representative among all designer labels to present its collection at the spectacular 30th edition of Modefabriek’s NEXT AND CUTTING EDGE Designer Platform held from 23 to 24 January 2011 in Amsterdam. The NEXT show segment showcased fresh designs from an impressive selection of up and coming designers gathered all over the globe. young&restless is honored to also be invited to showcase in BLUEPRINT, Asia’s only international fashion trade platform, which runs from 19 to 20 May at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore. As part of Asia Fashion Exchange, the BLUEPRINT trade exhibition has selected young&restless to showcase their designs under “Next Gen”, which features niche brands with innovative and forward-looking fashion.

Berlin fashion week, July 2011.


The design and lifestyle department store par excellence. An elegant, cosmopolitan world of shopping on two storeys with an imaginative, exclusive and trend-setting range of items right on Berlin’s Friedrichstraße. Covering 2,500 m² of retail space and including international designer fashion, accessories, popular labels, cosmetics, jewelry, books, art and flowers, the DEPARTMENTSTORE offers an enriching shopping experience. In Quartier 206, the area around this fashion universe, one-stop-shoppers can also find the stores of the global fashion elite with Etro, Moschino, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent.

I work in  DEPARTMENSTORE as Visual Merchandiser and for the Berlin fashion week we made this fashion windows with the women winter collection 2011 of Marc Jacobs. Here the pictures

Autumn/Winter 2011-12

This avant-garde thread and needle designer was born in 1957 in Brecht (a small suburb now part of Antwerp, Belgium). He studied at the Royal Academy of Antwerp’s fashion department from 1977. He completed 4 years, enough time for him to put into action his profound and original design quest for ethnically inspired artwear based on aggressive graphism and flamboyant colours. He collaborated with his fellow classmates: Margiela, Demeulemeester, Bikkembergs, Van Saene, Van Noten and Marina Yee, to create what would be known as the famous Group of the Six. He launched his first collection « Sado » in 1983 and secured various collaborations. With his menswear collection of Spring-Summer 2006, WALTER VAN BEIRENDONCK has made his big comeback in Paris with creativity, panache and modernity.

Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Konrad Parol is 25 years old and is passionately engaged in his life passion which is clothes design in which he shows enormous creativity and involvement.He designs for women and men who are brave, exceptional and who value comfort and elegance. His name is associated with perfect finish and luxury. Konrad Parol works with best quality fabrics: pure silks, wool, cashmere, natural cotton, even for the linings he uses pure silks. The cuts of his dresses accentuate the figure and beauty of the woman’s body. Exquisite creations of this designer are complemented by accessories as well as shoes designed and made by him.


Having a glance at the emerging eastern fashion scenery, the first name I noticed is Dejan Despotovic, a 24 years old designer based in Belgrade. His first individual collection it has been presented in Berlin and Belgrade in 2006. One year later, he showed his talent by winning the Black and White competition at the opening of Belgrade Fashion Week.Around his garments hover a dark atmosphere, where the light seems to touch the skin through veiled fabrics. The strong cuts and the overlapped tissues are the leitmotiv of his last collection. He is actually considered one of the most interesting avant garde designer in Serbia.

Menswear collection, Fall 2011. Paris fashion week

The inspiration on wich the creative designer Bernard Willhelm  developed in his fall collection for his winter season  it´s about the meeting between fetish and colorful pop.  The models posed on bicycles and leaped about carrying giant umbrellas draped in chiffon. ” When I’m designing, I don’t see the clothes as crazy. I’ve got to exaggerate to find the essence of an idea. In starting a collection, the most important thing is to bring an idea out quite clearly. Fashion people only react to very strong ideas. That’s all I needed. I design to express something. Cutting myself off completely, then being free to do whatever I wanted has always appealed to me. I always had the feeling I was in a prison. Maybe that’s why I’ve always chased the exotic.”

The new face of fashion

Nowadays it´s not easy to find an impressive mood able to combine  art with the  essence of fashion, I was really glad  to discovered this brand. Lately  the most creative designer on the alternative fashion scene from my point of view is Tony Spackman and his NON´s collections. I´m honored to pubblish some images and informations of this innovative brand.

” Started in 2009 NON embraces our current search for authenticity, our relentless desire to further knowledge, experience and personal development, our inexhaustible need for complexity and intellectual stimulation, our ongoing search for new luxuries.NON’s collection’s feature sleek and refined design, a meticulous attention to detail and immaculate hand-tailoring; combining simplicity with exquisite luxury. A celebration of the clothing industries of past, present and future, NON’s designs integrate classic formal wear and fine tailoring with casual contemporary design and technical innovation. Drawing influences from the discoveries of the past and the developments of the future, the NON combines a fascination with the 18th Century’s Age of Enlightenment – its extraordinary discoveries in science, natural history and the mysticism of alchemy, with a passion for contemporary scientific activity and technological advancements. Conflicting elements and influences pervade the collection: NON embodies a series of re-contextualized styles to form an eclectic mix of shape, pattern and material – where detail meets simplicity, old meets new, natural fibres meet manmade technology, haute couture meets casual/street.Natural fabrics and finishes, sombre black and dark neutrals are dimensionalised through layering and texture. High precision, hand-crafted tailoring transforms and dissects the interiors of clean, sleek and simple shapes; bringing intricate sculptural life to previously overlooked spaces. Complex ergonomic designs achieve high levels of comfort; garments act as a second skin, incorporating zoned ventilation and innovative insulation systems, meticulous attention to pattern creation and a sophisticated consideration for the body in motion. Adopting subtle colours and forms, natural fabrics and hand-crafted tailoring, NON embraces luxury in the detail; heralding the arrival of a new lavish and sophisticated tech-decadence. NON is an alternative model with a common theme to acquire knowledge through experimental investigation. Owner and creative director Tony Spackman wishes to represent the concept of any and all, to freely transfer thought and technical expertise to knowledgeable individuals”.

” Spackman’s innovative intellectual expressions and artistic visual storytelling is something of a rarity to the world of menswear. This painstaking attention to detail is clearly shown throughout the collections. Obsessed with personal development and authenticity  Tony Spackman is renowned for his intense analysis, treatments and dissected visioning. Remaining solely responsible for the labels seasonal creative vision, patterns and sampling Tony Spackman is an artist to the full degree and someone to keep a close eye on for the future”.