Triangular Stories
by Henrike Naumann

1992. Both home videos have the same date. Both videos reveal intimate things from the life of three teenagers. While few of them can‘t wait to take Ecstasy for the first time at the Amnesia, the world of the others ends behind Jena‘s tower blocks.

The artist / director Henrike Naumann (born 1984) comes from Zwickau, where the Nationalsocialist Underground (NSU) lived in bourgeoise underground and spanned their neonazi extremist murderers. This video work is a very personal approach to dealing with the fascist tendencies in her old home are as well as with the hedonistic self-optimizing drive of her generation. The obsolete medium VHS (Video Home System) in its loss becomes a mirror for that generation.

The VHS-Installation can be seen at SHIFT / Tresor Berlin, Köpenicker Str. 70, at the following dates:

27.03. 19h Vernissage
28.03. 13h – 24h open
29.03. 13h – 20h open 23h Finissage Party


Dandy of the Grotesque
A time travel like never before

When we entered this atelier we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Right in front of us there was a perfect example of an early 1900s boudoir; the lights were low and the dark atmosphere made us feel like in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story.

Tail suits, velvet bow ties and top hats were everywhere, on the walls and on the mannequins.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the exquisite founder and designer, Itamar Zechoval.

Here below you can see what he says about his brand and some pictures of the atelier.

We have just one suggestion: check out this unique space, you won’t regret it!

1. In a time when everyone is looking for transgression, what brought you to classicism?

I find transgression is an immediate impact that doesn’t last long, whereas the classic stays. Nevertheless in our collection the classic is just the starting point and we develop our designs from there taking it to a modern and more unique interpretation

2. Why did you find your inspiration in early 1900s fashion?

I find the aesthetics and the way of being very inspiring, the search for perfection and the curtain of details in every aspect, but while finding inspiration in another era the Dandy of the Grotesque men is very contemporary, and so the combination of the old and the current creates a unique style

3. Who do you draw for? Who’s your target customer?

In my work I often design for performing artists, cinema and theatre while the collection itself maintains the Theatrical spirit we aim at the Men who are looking for something unique at their every day life.

4. What are your future projects?

We are working on the development of a collection that takes the spirit of Dandy of the Grotesque and brings it wider audience.

In addition to my work in fashion I am continuing to bring the style and creativity of my work to the big screen and to stage…

Berlin Fashion Week – The Catwalks
Day 3

The third day of the this berliner Fashion Week was characterized by the romantic elegance of Dorothee Schumacher, the clean cuts of Rena Lange, the retro look of Dietrich Emter and last but not least the extravagance of Marcel Ostertag.

Here are some pics of the shows.

Dorothee Schumacher

What to wear on a saturday night?
7 ideas to steal

Every woman’s problem, the week-end is among us and we have no idea what to wear for a night out.

here’s some examples of looks for different tastes. You’re going to a rock concert? to a club? just a drink out?

Find your perfect outfit.

1. badass hipster

for Berliners and everyone else

What happens if you fuse elegance, new ideas and black?

…Don’t Shoot The Messengers, the Berlin based label by Jen Gilpin, probably is your answer.
Tight black harmonies, darkly feminine mood and leather to emphasize body lines.
We followed the DSTM since the beginning and we consider it as a classical label that is here to stay.
Let me give you a little advice: be careful, once you get addicted to DSTM clothes, you just can’t stop!

It’s pure seduction…

The Knife
Thestreet art project by Spanish artist Maria Lujan.

Mientus flagship store, Berlin.

Y-3 Berlin

Spring Summer 2012, Women, Man, Accessories and footwear. 90 square meters presented to the Berlin public, Dario Cuci realized the setting referring to the Y-3 international concept retail.

the winner of the SUPERSTORE award 2012!

After months of nominations, voting and lots of deliberating, VOO has been voted the world’s best boutique by, which currently unites over 100 of the most forward-thinking and influential fashion boutiques from across the globe in one easy-to-shop website.

Berlin January 2012

From 18 to 20 January, Berlin has presented the tenth edition of Bread & Butter, the most alternative and well organized fashion fair trade in Europe.

January 18-20 2012

I went at PREMIUM for the first time and i found a fair going to make it even more interesting this Berlin Fashion Week! It’s here, within the realm of fashion, that new trends for next season take shape…