Dandy of the Grotesque
A time travel like never before

When we entered this atelier we couldn’t believe our eyes.

Right in front of us there was a perfect example of an early 1900s boudoir; the lights were low and the dark atmosphere made us feel like in a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle story.

Tail suits, velvet bow ties and top hats were everywhere, on the walls and on the mannequins.

We were lucky enough to have a chat with the exquisite founder and designer, Itamar Zechoval.

Here below you can see what he says about his brand and some pictures of the atelier.

We have just one suggestion: check out this unique space, you won’t regret it!

1. In a time when everyone is looking for transgression, what brought you to classicism?

I find transgression is an immediate impact that doesn’t last long, whereas the classic stays. Nevertheless in our collection the classic is just the starting point and we develop our designs from there taking it to a modern and more unique interpretation

2. Why did you find your inspiration in early 1900s fashion?

I find the aesthetics and the way of being very inspiring, the search for perfection and the curtain of details in every aspect, but while finding inspiration in another era the Dandy of the Grotesque men is very contemporary, and so the combination of the old and the current creates a unique style

3. Who do you draw for? Who’s your target customer?

In my work I often design for performing artists, cinema and theatre while the collection itself maintains the Theatrical spirit we aim at the Men who are looking for something unique at their every day life.

4. What are your future projects?

We are working on the development of a collection that takes the spirit of Dandy of the Grotesque and brings it wider audience.

In addition to my work in fashion I am continuing to bring the style and creativity of my work to the big screen and to stage…

The fashion short film

Actor Alan Cumming stars in this short for designer Julian Zigerli‘s Fall Winter 2013 collection. A mystical, magical fashion film with breathy voice-over from Cumming who finds his younger self hanging out in a wood. The line itself looks to be sports influenced casualwear centered around takes on an all over ‘blood vessel’ print.

Check it out: http://vimeo.com/59743220#

Alexander McQueen Autumn Winter 2013
The movie

An ad campaign wasn’t enough for this collection, the Alexander McQueen team decided to present the new line through a film.

Here you might find some snap shots of the A/W 13 where the predominant color is black, with different prints and elaborate textures.

To see the full movie just click here: http://bit.ly/12Ra7dv

Sixties Rock
The editorial for I love Sicilia

The City of Catania is the set and the 1960s is the era.

The colors are bold and metallic and the skirts are so mini that even Mary Quant would approve !

Freedom is in the air and you can breath it from the carefree pictures, outfits and poses.

The aim of this editorial is to bring your memories back to the best era of all, check out the pictures and enjoy the time travel!

The ultimate showroom
The Cool House Sydney

If you think showrooms are only half-lighted spaces with questionable taste, think again!

here’s the brand new “Cool House Sydney”, a beautiful (and water front) furnished apartment recently turned into a showroom.

The space is carefully decorated and best part is: everything in it is on sale! even the penthouse itself!

This new concept store definitely goes on our radars, one of the best showrooms i’ve ever seen.

If you happen to be in the Sydney area swing by Bondi Beach and check out this beauty!

Cristian Dior Haute Couture SS13
The secret garden

The Dior woman is a blooming flower.
In a secret garden, decorated with bushes and trees, Dior sets its Haute Couture show.
This is the second collection by Raf Simons as head of the maison Dior and his success means revenge on all those who did not consider him as talented as his predecessor, John Galliano.

In this collection, presented in Paris for Spring / Summer 2013, we can clearly note movement, structure and a keen study of detail. The flower petals and buds appear on the long dresses, on the puffy skirts and on the blouses.

Simons has shown great talent and artistic sensibility, he is perfectly able to decline the ancient concept of handmade clothing in the modern age and current fashion, where elegance, can be clearly distinguished.

The evening attires are either long and narrow silhouettes, or full black pantsuits, combined with jackets or boleros embroidered with roses and accompanied by flowery gloves in the soft colors of spring.
It really seems like a fairy tale, what Raf Simons has told through his collection. The long balloon skirt, the dresses and their long trains make you think of a princess at a royal ball, and on the other hand the superimposed short dress with an apron pleated asymmetrical cut reminds of a modern day Alice in Wonderland.

Dior Homme 2013-14
where science fiction meets haute couture

The new Dior Homme collection, signed by Belgian fashion designer Kris Van Assche, represents a glamorous version of the old science fiction movies; a collection where the tradition of tailoring goes along with the world of sportswear and futuristic fashion.
The world of science fiction is also recalled by the sterilized total white catwalk, by models/gentlemen who wear suits, white shirts, high collars and slim high-waisted pants.

One of the results of this futuristic exploration is the superhero businessman – the silhouettes remind of Wall Street brokers – but with a not so classic twist.

Leitmotif of the collection is the color red, which becomes an evocative and recurring symbol for Dior Homme, a timeless symbol, minimalist and almost sterile.

Berlin fashion week – the catwalks
Day 4

The last day of runways was definitely one to be remembered!

We attended some vibrant and colorful shows. First the very classy lines of Zoe Ona, secondly we moved to Sebastian Ellrich’s Circus where acrobats, dancers and jugglers where flying around the room dressed to impress, we later were taken to a Caribbean vacation with Miranda Konstantinidou and back to normal life with Anna Gorke. Vladimir Karaleev proposed a very minimal collection based on the color blue, and then Dawid Tomaszewski enchanted us with his latest creation.

Zoe Ona

Berlin Fashion week offers everything

Twice a year Berlin becomes an international location for fashion and lifestyle topics.

We have collected information from the fashion trade shows and the exhibitions we have attended.

Bread&Butter: the leading international trade fair for street and urban wear, a site with a rich tradition.

The SS13 collection from Mykita eyewear is simply stunning!

Mykita eyewear is a brand well known in the industry for being a creative, innovative, and positively unique company.

The designs for this season approach the round principle in different ways, filled with unique styles that incorporate vintage looks into their modern frames.
To see more visit Mykita’s blog: blog.mykita.com