by Lynne Kayenne

This is an exciting time for Malawians; our very own Fashion designer has made it to Africa Fashion week here in London to showcase her collection that’s making a huge buzz in the homeland. This is history in the making for Malawi and for the very determined, ambitious, beautiful and talented Lilly Alfonso. Having done a sold out show in Malawi’s capital, designed a garment for the reigning miss Malawi’s dress for Miss world, Lilly is on top of the world. This weekend, the fashion elite of LANDAAAAN TOWN will be glaring at her work like a Hawk to see this designer’s signature, distinctive, creative garments and help get her closer to the fulfilment of her wildest Dreams.

Fashion and Olympics
by Lynne Kayenne

The Olympics is fast becoming the trendiest most talked about “star” across the globe this season but somehow I’ve been shying away from blogging about it. Number 1 because I didn’t think it would make an interesting or fashionable read but somewhere deep in my subconscious I knew it would be motivating so I took the plunge and dived right in.

by Lynne Kayenne

Audrey Hepburn

People always assume that the constant following of trends and rocking the latest/hottest thing on the catwalk will get them the attention they need to progress on the career ladder, attract the love of their life and boost their confidence. I die for trends but when it comes to dressing for success, I am inspired by old school roots of smart dressing. You know that sexy tailored look that my friend Ozwald Boateng designs? I die for that, I yearn for that. To me that is sexy and I would like to see more of this on young women.