Spring 2012, Berlin Fashion week

Michael Sontag’s perennial and cognitive attitude to the development of his work has remained with his Spring/Summer 2012 collection.
He has continued to break through the set parameters of fashion, allowing his work to develop with clarity from his previous Seasons. This lucid and flowing concept mirrors the sleek lines and fluid silhouettes of his work. Breaking the boundaries of trend, age and Season, Michael has created a wearable collection for the elegant, confident and sensual woman. Michael has maintained his organic approach to design allowing fall of the fabric and how it interacts with the female form, to determine his work.

Fall/Winter 2011-12

One of the most innovative designer of the Berlin Fashion week is Vladimir Karaleev here some information about him:

” Vladimir Karaleev (*1981) was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. He moved to Berlin at the age of 19 to study fashion at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW). In 2005 he founded his own fashion label and launched his conceptual debut collection “CUT 210”.Contemporary art has a strong influence on. Vladimir Karaleev. New shapes and experimental cuts form the center of the creations of the bulgarian designer Vladimir Karaleev, who creates extraordinary womens- and menswear. The creative handling of materials works in combination with the conceptual design. Karaleev goes against the traditional shapes and cuts and creates instead innovative silhouettes, that are strongly influenced by geometric structures. His close bond with the art scene is not only expressed through his conceptual approach but also through the presentation of his fashion. Since 2010 Vladimir Karaleev is a guest lecturer at the MDH “University of Applied Sciences”. In July 2010 Vladimir Karaleev won the third prize of the fashion contest “Start your Fashion Business”. His collection showcases a pure- avant-garde style, with unusual cuts and refreshing independence. “