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Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2012 - 2013

If this 2012 will happily get to its end here it is what we expect to wear for the next fall – winter.


Jen Gilpin came from Canada, and Kyle Callahan from New Zealand, but together, the designers behind label-to-know Don’t Shoot the Messengers are total Berliners.

Spring 2012, Paris Fashion Week.

Rick Owens presented his s/s collection 2012  at the Paris Men’s Fashion Week, was all about man skirts, man gowns and ethereal harmony. “I’m not going to sell tons of them,” said Owens, “But if there’s anyone on the planet that can sell skirts to men, it’s me. It’s a niche, but I like the niche.”

Here some pictures of the fashion show

Fall 2011, Paris Fashion week

The unconventional designer Rick Owens  has been presented in Paris his fall collection 2011.  “Dirty habits that´s what my clothing is all about, I mean it´s dirty chic, it´s totally messed up, so you don´t have to worry about messing it up yourself, I mess it up for you. All this wonderful cashmere is already fucked up on your behalf ” says the designer himself. Models walk down the runway in a minimal color palette complete for  a work that is a mix of fur, cashmere, leather, jersey, wool, and padded nylon. Owens created a sublime silhouette which encased the body in a strong, but still sensual manner.