The big of Antwerp´s Royal Academy.
by Valentina Plumari

Antwerp’s royal academy formed amazing designers. They are deeply different but with something in common: the success.

Ann Demeulemeester’s  fall 2013 Ready-to-Wear fashion show in Paris was brilliant, as always. Just two colours to represent the essential, the purity of beauty. Hats with long feathers flying over the heads of the models. A dream, a bad one, with double emotions. A black beautiful warrior fighting against daily life, heavy leather boots and firm huge belt to protect herself. And a white 19th-century princess with floating transparent dress and extra long coats. Fur and fringe are her weapons. Two way to see the same concept. A strong person who suffers but resists. Exactly, what we need today.

Cool Hunting & Fashion Styling
Workshops at Accademia Euromediterranea

After a short break our beloved workshops returned!

This time we had an amazing guest professor, Dario Cuci, he brought us his charm and expertise in cool hunting and fashion styling. The final result was one of the most interesting and beautiful workshops we have ever done. I won’t reveal you anything about Dario’s biography as i suggest that you visit his wonderful and informative website which contains everything you need to know. He is a ideal teacher as he has such a broad experience in the whole fashion industry and he has shared that with us. we began by studying and analyzing the newest professions of cool hunter and fashion stylist. Dario explained us how the fashion industry can seem like a fairytale, but that we must always keep our feet on the ground because things are very difficult, and there is a lot of hard work and long hours. However, he also said never to stop believing in our dreams if we want to succeed, we must persevere as he did. Thanks to the magic of technology, the room was filled with wonderful editorials of the most famous cutting edge magazines from all over the world. He also provided us with fantastic international videos and documentaries. The atmosphere was energetic and creative and Dario’s narration was like the perfect soundtrack. Although we were only listening to the theoretical part, we had a great opportunity to discover the world of fashion, the market, the practical jobs and felt free to ask questions. It was a shame that is was such a short experience.

Dario’s motto is ‘attention to details’ and we agree because details always make the difference. We can’t wait for Dario’s next workshop will include a practical experience and we’re sure it will contain also many surprises. YAY!